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Our Services

In Aura's Garden, we offer two distinct services: The Astrology Analysis and the Astrology Consultation.


Our Analysis service provides a pre-recorded video of an educational style run-down on the topic or chart of choice. Whereas our Consultation service is a live 1:1 session that is intimate and conversational in nature. During the consultation we will focus on the area(s) of interest, working with your chart to receive clarity and illuminate the truths you seek.


Blurred Astrological forecast, mysticism and science concept. Natal chart smartphone with



Offerings: A pre-recorded, educational style analysis of your full Natal (Birth) Chart and the selected topics of interest.

(Will receive via e-mail within 10 days of booking)

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Astrology Consultation

Offering: A live 1:1 session via zoom. You choose the subject matter (finances, relationships, health, etc.)

These sessions are immersive and intimate in nature. 

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